What is a construction site?


A construction site is a piece of land where all the activities related to the location of a structure take part. Usually here the landscape properties – vegetation, soil conditions, looks, etc. – are modified to provide an adequate environment for professionals to carry out with the field works.
There are multiples and varied challenges a single construction site encounters, all of them related to the environmental conditions, regulations, and type of structure that is placed. A construction site doesn’t necessarily imply big changes in the landscape or built-environment.
Small projects for infrastructure maintenance need to comply with security requirements governed by local regulations. Their execution is also completed by qualified professionals. The limitation of the area where the works will take part is determined by the law and professionals altogether.
Then for maintenance and construction of infrastructure, professionals will need to establish an area where the works will be carried on safely.
On the surface, we could say there are two main types of construction: buildings and industrial. Buildings and housing constructions are terms that sometimes are used interchangeably when they refer to infrastructures such as condos, hotels, and apartments.

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